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Salad recipe


Looking for the best recipes of salad?Salad, one of the simplest dishes to cook, make the interactive application.Salad are the best healthy dishWhen looking for ways to lose weight or follow a healthy diet, you have arrived at the right place.Now you can save a lot of time and effort and to find that the perfect recipe that you've always wantedWith the application of salad recipes you can get more than 140 are delicious and easy recipes like-Winzersalat-Erdäpfelsalat With mayonnaise-Kaki Avocado salad on radicchio-Zander And apple salad-Frischer Salad with herbsZucchini salad-Frischer Salad with herbs-Buletten With Mediterranean potato saladSausage-cheese salad- Egg salad- Beef and pork salad- Pasta Salad- Potato Salad** Features ** Salad Recipestotally freeEasy to navigate, easy to useNo Internet required! You can check recipes where you wantThe user-friendly navigationYou can search for a specific recipeAbout 140 salad recipesEasy Recipes NavigationEasy to use, for the whole familyAll recipes with pictures and preparation stagessimple and delicious salad recipes for you!Bon Appetite